How to Submit Sightings

If you see Pyrex in a movie or television show, you can submit the sighting to this blog.

If you can get a clean screenshot or photo of the scene, please forward it, along with the name of the show or movie and about the point in the movie that it appears. If you can get the exact time, that is even better! If you cannot get a screenshot or photo, I have access to most channels and streaming data and can obtain the image, so you need to provide the name of the show or movie and – again – the time it appears. The more precise the time, the quicker that I will be able to get the snap.

I will credit you with the sighting and can list your name (first name only, or first and last) -or- your email address -or- a nickname of your choosing. Then the name of the show or movie will be provided and the time stamp. Last, but not least, the pattern or style of the Pyrex piece(s).

These guidelines are just that: guidelines. They are subject to change as the blog matures and issues are defined. I listen to all suggestions and criticisms and concerns, but in the end, it is my blog and my decision stands. In recent years since I stumbled onto Pyrex and began my own collection, I have learned that Pyrex collectors are some of the best people and just want to be helpful.

Please feel free to email at any time. You can reach me here:

Now let’s start watching!