The Sublet

The Sublet

Movie Or Television Program: The Sublet

Time or Scene: F18:00

Found by: cupcake

Style and/or Pattern: I believe this is a standard mixing bowl in turquoise. Again, if anyone has more accurate description (size and color/pattern), I’d love to hear from you. And you will get the credit!



Wilson 1

Wilson 2

Movie Or Television Program: Wilson

Time or Scene: First photo: 53:05; Second photo: 1:27:16

Found by: cupcake

Style and/or Pattern: The first photo is a small blue bowl is a small mixing bowl from the Primary Set of Bowls. The second photo is a little hard to make out, but could be a Pyrex bowl, looking like there are some yellow flowers on it?

Note: Hopefully a collector with a better eye can correct me!


Food: Fact or Fiction (S3:E9) “The Takeaway”

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Movie Or Television Program: Food: Fact or Fiction

Time or Scene: Cooking Channel ‘s Food: Fact or Fiction, S3:E9 “The Takeaway” (Air date 12/24/2017)

Found by: Alyssa💜💕🎄

Style and/or Pattern: Vintage Corelle Spring Blossom Green

Note: Okay, although techically not Pyrex, it is related and especially since it was a reader’s submission!

Note 2: When I got my first real job and earning real money, I bought two sets including serving pieces for my Mom for Christmas (circa 1977). It was a nice memory to see these today, on Christmas all these years later.


Mad Men (S4:E12) “Blowing Smoke”

MadMen S4:E12 3 44.17MadMen S4:E12 2 44.17MadMen S4:E12 1 44.17

Movie Or Television Program: Mad Men

Time or Scene: Season 4: Episode 12 “Blowing Smoke”

Found by: cupcake

Style and/or Pattern: Photo 1: This photo shows both the dishes on top of the refrigerator as well as those in the dish drainer.

Photo 2: Red ‘Fridgie” and Small Blue bowl from the Primary set. Others? What do you see?

Photo 3: Once Betty steps towards the kitchen table, we see two Snowflake baking pans.